Pretty sure it’s rit-UH like Britta but if you’re in LA you should go regardless.


Sup @mack_cycling rhombus? You got a geometric thang going on. Keep it going #regram

So into it.


Eleanor Richardson of Scotland competes in the women’s sprint qualifying at Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome during day three of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, United Kingdom. The Mark Kolbe photograph can be found on Time’s Pictures of the Week.

When in Minneapolis, get the Minneapolis goods. Twin Six jersey and bottles via Clybourn Cycle.


From cyclingaustralia - Bronze to Brandie O’Connor Bree Hargrave in women’s para tandem sprint #aussiecycling #glasgow2014 #teamaus2014 #paracycling
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Dang, @strawfoot makes some super cool wool socks. Mr. @vernor on today’s ride.

Man. Just bought some socks by theathletic and some others by embrocationcycling, but I might have to get these, too. 

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From anna_glowinski - Literally had the best day ever filming with this lil speed demon for @thecycleshowtv . Giggles n sunshine with @manoncarpenter :)
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le_cas’s photo on Instagram

Love this kit.

Oh man. Yeah, these kits are really good. Sort of got a Team Yacht Club vibe going on. Normally I would not wear anything with flowers but this … yeah. This.

Dig it, wtfkits?

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Danny MacAskill at the Playboy Mansion

This is fucking garbage. You can do better, Danny MacAskill. Way to completely alienate your female fans. Really disappointing.