So, one of my big pet peeves is when people post images of women racing without identifying who they are. I see this happening all the time. These are individual athletes, and people. Let’s give them the credit they deserve and ID them. 

Case in point, I saw a few photos floating around the last few days of a bad-ass looking bleach blonde lady racer in Ritte kit. Then a glamour shot of her. No ID. 

Anyway, maybe it’s the reporter in me, or maybe it’s the part of me that wants some heroes now and then, you know, some other women to look up to, but I did a little light Googling and figured out that this is Kelli Samuelson-Hathaway, who not only races for Ritte but founded the team, and does custom paint jobs for them as well. 

Here’s a great interview she gave to Le Roleur Lent. Read it and be inspired. 

Photos courtesy of Kelli’s Facebook page and the Ritte Women’s Team website.